For those unaware, the Clog has the appetite of a big, friendly, unrepentantly omnivorous ogre. We are hungry. Hungry for raw meat. Hungry sleeping in the catacombs of Moffitt, hungry sitting in the fifth row of a LeConte lecture hall, hungry trying not to make an ass out of ourselves during office hours, hungry repelling off the campanile in the dead of night.

Emasculated yet? If you feel like regaining your manhood next Tuesday, March 16 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., chances are you’ll find us in Lower Sproul, noshing hard at Taste of Berkeley 2010.

This celebration of Berkeley cuisine is the foodchild of ASUC and Christina Lau, founder of Berkeley’s Kitchen. Yes, the woman who reigned supreme in the “2009 Crabby Chef Competition.”

Participating restaurants include:
Milanese Cafe
Tandor Kitchen
Taste of the Himalayas
Meridian International Sports Cafe
Ethiopia Restaurant
Royal Indian Cuisine
Mediterranean Cafe

And more freshly slaughtered infants trendy vegan pastries!

Image Source: abbyladybug under Creative Commons
Taste of Berkeley 2010 [Facebook]


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