Grendel’s mom got down at the Folio release party last Friday at the Alphonse Berber Gallery. The inaugural issue, a publication of the UC Berkeley English Undergraduate Association, features 5 academic papers 4-8 pages in length.

For those who missed the big red wheelbarrow, here’s what went down:

There was booze and flighty young Truman Capotes fawning over fledgling Kerouacs, Raymond Carvers sneaking up behind us with a blindfold, demanding us to sketch our best flying buttress, and the Nabokovs were busy complimenting all the freshmen girls on their pretty, pretty dresses.

Virginia Woolfes scolded Anaïs Nins in the corner.

All the while, wannabe DeLillos flaunted their Nazi memorabilia for baby Foster Wallaces who were scowling up at one of those god forsaken “global-warming curtailing” ugly-as-sin fluorescent light bulbs in the ceiling, thinking of good ways to spontaneously implode amidst consumer-hell type situations—like when your cart at the grocery store has a piece of produce wedged inside the wheel and won’t turn and babies are crying—and nodded his head as he took swigs out of his large paper bag.

Contributors Matthew Gould, Harris Kauffman, Ali Rad and Trisha Federis Remetir were there too.

Image Source: wadem under Creative Commons
Party with the Folio [Daily Cal]

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