Al Gore's house

This may or may not come as a surprise to you: Hella rich people here, too. Hella. Rich.

And while the drama surrounding the Berkeley-rich may not be quite as juicy as that produced in Orange County, it often proves more thought-provoking. Case in point: can Mitch Kapor’s proposed 6,748 square foot home really be as environmentally sustainable as the city has dubbed it? Oh hey, I think your Ramen is ready—or do you like it soggy?

You’d think a man who has donated so many millions to environmental groups could get a break. Not in Berkeley. We’re f*cking hard on green here. Despite the fact that Kapor’s home passed the city’s green designation with a solid 91 points (well over the required 60), neighbors in a town full of environmental experts indignantly proclaim that no matter how many solar panels you slap on a home that big, its sheer volume of resource consumption oughta’ disqualify it greenwise.

And thus, Kapor falls into the plight of so many absurdly rich liberals (Al Gore apparently went through hell getting his mansion to pass for green). There’s a problem here. As William Harrison notes, the people who can afford to go green are also the people who probably want to build big houses. He says “let ‘em,” and hopefully the green technologies they support will have a chance at trickling down to the rest of us.

Image Source: Ken Barber under Creative Commons
Too big to be green? Berkeley mansion prompts outrage [USA Today]

Zombie Reagan said:
Mar 15, 2010 at 10:19 am

Green trickle-down? I’m rolling in my grave!