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ASUC Cam-paining 2010: Vote CalSERVE, Vote Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Posted By Jill Cowan On Mar 29, 2010 @ 2:48 pm In News,The Specials | Comments Disabled

When we first got the e-mail from her slate-mate Ricardo Gomez [1] saying, “Eunice Makes My Dreams Come True,” we were all like, “Uhh, no thanks, Eunice Kwon [2], we don’t actually want the things that happen in our dreams to come true, because then we’d show up to class in our skivvies like half the time and we’d probably be on the run from a psycho killer who looks suspiciously like our hot GSI.”

Thankfully, there do not appear to be any naked people or murderous grad students in this video. Only banana suits:

Ohhhh, we get it. It’s like the dance scene from “(500) Days of Summer [3],” in which post-coital Joseph Gordon-Levitt dances down the street to the song “You Make My Dreams Come True.” Because if there’s one platform students at this school can get behind, it’s innocuous¬†spoofs of popular indie movies. We can always use more of those. (SQUELCH!, Student Action [4]? Sunny Delight scene from “Juno”? It’ll be, like, so quirky!)

In all seriousness, though, this is a pretty impressive, nearly shot-by-shot re-make of the scene. So what it lacks in, y’know, actual information, it makes up for in rehearsal time. Kudos for that, Kwon.

Eunice Makes My Dreams Come True [YouTube [5]]
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