ZOMG, GUYZ WATCH OUT. What’s up Berkeley? Feeling masochistic? Great, so are we! Good thing we found this interactive map of campus buildings that shows you their seismic ratings.

According to California Watch, the UC system “still has 102 buildings rated as ‘poor’ and 10 as ‘very poor.’” And yeah, we get it, that’s not good and people should know what they’re walking into … literally. But still, we have to wonder why they couldn’t throw a single structure in there with a rating higher than “poor?” Not one “good” just for comparison’s sake? Just so we could breathe a sigh of relief walking through the doors of Wheeler Hall and know that we’ve made a good decision, if not in future employment opportunity then–at least–in seismic safety?

Throw us a freaking bone, here, California Watch! Because the feeling we get from interacting with this map is that everything is going to crumble under our feet at the first sign of a tremor. We couldn’t even seek refuge in the great, symbolic Campanile! Sad times.

And speaking of things that are going to crumble at the first sign of a tremor, watch out for the Greek Theatre. Just sayin’.

Image Source: Alan Wong/Staff, Daily Cal
MAP: Seismically hazardous buildings at UC Berkeley [California Watch]


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