Cats from around the globe gathered today in Mr. Hansen’s backyard to discuss their essential and adorable catness. Topics ranged from favorite feline activities (chasing yarn, acting aloof, letting humans think they’re in control) to cat food (the consensus was that they enjoy mice) to how to clean your fur. Luckily for us, the Clog’s kitten reporter was on the scene.

“The real highlight of the event, however, was the luminaries who gathered to discuss cat culture,” organizer Mr. Bo Jangles (a Siamese cat from Brooklyn) explained. “We had everyone from Thomas O’Malley to Bastet to Garfield. It was like an Ocean’s Eleven movie for famous cats.”

In one corner, Salem and Scratchy were getting along swimmingly, bonding over a shared love of cheesy TV shows and hatred of mice. Do we see a hilarious buddy comedy in the future?

Our reporter was backstage at the VIP celebrity banquet and caught some interesting gossip around the catnip jar. Romance was in the air–our sources say that the Cheshire Cat was grinning like an idiot after Sassy from “Homeward Bound.” Even stranger, perhaps, Chester the Cheetah stumbled into the awards ceremony two hours late smelling like a garbage can. “Word is he even told the Cat in the Hat to do something extremely rude,” Jangles said. “But that’s just hearsay.”


Image source: Hairlover under Creative Commons


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