Do you love cats? Do you love Facebook? Do you love to love cats on Facebook!? We know we do!

So what better way to show your fancy feline fanaticism than by joining a Facebook group in honor of inarguably the best animal in the universe, if not the whole planet? (Answer: there is no better way.) There’s probably a cat-loving Facebook group out there for everyone. We just managed to scrounge up a few.

There’s the obvious. “Cat Lovers!” is your typical cat-loving group, suited best for old people on Facebook who want to be cool without being edgy.

Then there’s “AHHHHHH iM TOTALLY OBSESSED WiTH KiTTENS!!!!!” for the 13-year-old girl in you (there’s one in all of us). Plus: They have over 1,000 pictures of kittens. Just don’t die from a cute overload.

If you’re the type who loves to anthropomorphize cats to the extreme, you can check out the Cat Powers and Cat Stevens groups. These musicians are some cool cats indeed.

Are you a hardcore political type? Can’t spend the duration of any conversation without getting in a word about Iraq or kittens? Then join “Anti-War, Pro-Kittens.” The group speaks for itself, though we’re not sure where they stand on Laser Cats.

Or if you like music, there’s “Every time you write parallel fifths, Bach kills a kitten.” Actually to be perfectly honest, we’re not sure if writing parallel fifths is a music thing. Whatever it is, it sounds compli-cat-ed.

“Lightening Up” is a Clog special devoted to link-stacking … er … finding Facebook groups of interest. And by interest, we mean anything that seems amusing to us at the time.

Image Source: miss pupik under Creative Commons
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