An anti-Scientology movement involving no resources, money, physical location or reliable followers sparked a recent U.C. Irvine academic paper, the fruits of which were presented yesterday at the Pacific Sociological Association conference in Oakland.

The paper is called “Project Chanology, Scientology & Memes: Shifting Notions of Movement Frames & Protest Strategy in the Age of Internet Culture.” From what we can tell, these protests seem to be a rick rollin’ way to let off some steam. Pseudo-libertarian stick-it-to-man efforts, like calling in hundreds of pizza orders to the orgs to overhaul the Scientology web server and fax machine. Ohhh SNAP.

“[Scientology is] a pre-Internet organization going up against a post-internet organization and failing badly because of not understanding how online info spreads,” said co-author B. Remy Cross.

Signs decked with memes, raucous dancing, funny masks. Sounds like a good time to us. Maybe we should reconsider next time we stage a coup. Maybe bring some old school parachutes. Get some grade-A fort builders on the scene.

This isn’t your parents’ protest, yo.

Image Source: Sklathill under Creative Commons
‘Anonymous’ Scientologists Subject of U.C. Academic Paper [SF Weekly]

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