We, the students of UC Berkeley, have never needed anyone to tell us just how hipster we are. Sure, we could try to be fashionably modest and deny it, but really, who would we be kidding?

We’re talking about the same campus that housed the Free Speech Movement and the tree people. Silent dance parties and classes devoted solely to meditation. From the sheer number of flannel shirts and v-neck tees seen around campus, denial of our eternal indie-ness would be simply absurd. For Pete’s sake, we’ve even got an Urban Outfitters and an American Apparel on the same frickin’ block. With creds like that, no one could dare contradict Cal’s hipster status and now, The Huffington Post has gone and made it official by sticking us on their list of the top 10 hipster schools.

We’re not entirely sure if Berks comes in at No. 8 or third, but either way, we’re in good company. Sarah Lawrence, NYU and Wesleyan are also named, along with Bard, RISD and a couple others. Clearly the hipsters tend to flock to the Northeast, possibly because it looks a tad foolish to wear tweed coats in warm, sunny weather—we’ve noticed that Cal happens to be the only west-coast school on the list (represent!).

So yeah, we’re kinda digging the recognition. But, please, don’t go around bragging about it—acting uninterested and just exuding general apathy towards life is so much more chic.

Image Source: Joel Bedford under Creative Commons
Top 10 Hipster Schools [Huffington Post]


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