Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Berkeley’s been ranked a whole lot in the past few weeks. We’re ranked as the 8th most hipster college and the 22nd most stressful, and now, we can be known as the 33rd happiest college. (This would be the appropriate time to grab a party hat and a couple of those really obnoxious noise maker things and go to town!)

While we might not have topped our cross-bay arch-enemies (Stanford came in at numero seven) or, like, any of our fellow UCs, 33rd isn’t too shabby.

You might be wondering–as we most certainly did–what sort of criterion do you use to judge a school’s happiness? Well, according to the list, The Daily Beast goes off of such concrete statistics as the quality of campus food and housing, how much cash monies the typical student owes when they finally do graduate, nightlife, and the big kicker–number of sunny days.

Image Source: flickrohit under Creative Commons
The 100 Happiest Colleges [The Daily Beast]


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