And you thought this was over ... People, people, people. The ASUC elections are over. Why–dear god, why–are we still talking about them?

Oh, because members of both CalSERVE and Student Action have alleged that candidates from the opposite party engaged in dubious campaigning techniques? So worth it! JKLOL.

We mean, seriously. When it’s an actual tradition for party leaders to “meet every year to corroborate and compare allegations with one another at the end of elections,” there is a problem with the way things are being run. Maybe that’s politics, but on the other hand, this is the ASUC. People need to chill. Is it really worth it to sacrifice your presumed integrity to snag a couple more votes to win a spot in the ASUC? (Please, don’t answer that.)

While we’re here, can we just ask what the point of even having campaigning by-laws is if there is almost no feasible way to prove violations? Said ASUC attorney general Kevin Gibson on Sterngate:

“I need (students) to work with me and come forward and talk to me so that my investigation can actually happen because as of now, the only people who have really have shown willingness to talk is people sort of in the ‘Noah Stern is innocent’ column.”

Color us surprised! Maybe next year, the judicial council should plant narcs around campus to see what candidates are really up to, come polling time. Except the only people who’d be up for that kind of job would probably be members of either CalSERVE or Student Action. Sigh.

Accusations Fly Between Rival Parties [Daily Cal]
Conflicting Accounts Hinder Investigation of President-Elect [Daily Cal]

Joseph said:
Apr 20, 2010 at 4:19 pm

I too feel exasperation at the regularity with which SA and CalSERVE accuse each other of wrongdoing. However, this may be more a reflection of the actual frequency of wrongdoing within the ASUC (wrongdoing in the ASUC? gasp!) than a reflection of the parties’ tendency toward mudslinging (although the latter is not, of course, in question). Not all ASUC controversies can be dismissed as slander and seat-grabbing. Consider the 2006 controversy over Oren Gabriel’s legal fees or the more recent scandal involving CalSERVE officers’ promotion of the recall election (while pretending to be neutral).

Ultimately, though, it may not matter that much. Whatever the real motivations are, the back-and-forth accusations definitely show a lack of character among many (not all, not even most) involved in ASUC politics.

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