So the BAM has been having a rough time lately. First they wanted to build a new space and they hired architect Toyo Ito to help them. Then, whoops, they discovered it was “prohibitively expensive” and they ended their relationship with Ito, deciding instead to relocate to Center and Oxford in downtown Berkeley. And now they’re looking for architects again.

Don’t get too excited, though, freelance architects (oh yeah, we know you’re out there)–they’ve already solicited 10 firms and they are naming their designer in June. They’re being adorably coy about the solicited firms, but they will confirm that they are all North American. (That narrows it down.)

But enough talk about preparations. When do WE, the adoring and fabulously cultured Berkeley public, get to see this sucker? Well, the museum’s been burned by expectations before, so museum director Larry Rinder says it might be done in “late 2014 … but I’m making no predictions.”

That sounded like a prediction to us, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. So just think of this, UCB students–the revamp of the museum is (possibly) only a scant four years away. And hey, fingers crossed the new architect sticks with the cold, harsh, gray monolithic vibe. It’s so arty.

Image source: mrgarin under Creative Commons
Berkeley Art Museum/PFA seeks proposals [San Francisco Chronicle]


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