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As per usual, we be toppin’ da lists. So we’re a kick ass university in a crime-infested area with an sizeable hipster population. We’re also one of the greenest, a Princeton Review ranking reports. And though we bring this news to you on this twentieth day of April, “green” here does not refer to pot (Oaksterdam, we humbly concede that to you) but to eco-sustainability, both in practice and student enthusiasm.

The Princeton Review ranking factors in things like “providing students a healthy and sustainable quality of life,” “preparing students for green jobs and responsible green citizenship” and “using environmentally responsible school policies.” There are 286 schools on the list. UC Berkeley is one of 15 that scored a 99/100. Other high scorers include Arizona State University, The Evergreen State College, The University of Washington, and Yale University.

Image Source: just.Luc under Creative Commons
Easy being green for students with list of eco-friendly colleges [USA Today]

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