Guys, we need to talk. It’s been real and all, but the winds of change are a-stirrin’, and we’re thinking it’s time we move on to greener pastures—ones filled with giraffes, where we can throw our bodies around willy-nilly in the name of balance and divinity.

Wait … wait! You really feel that way? *Sigh* OK, maybe we’ll stick around. But if you’d been in Hertz Hall last night for “Spirit of Africa: Sacred Music and Dances,” you’d totally get where we’re coming from.

Directed by CK Ladzekpo, the concert incorporated performances by three different groups into a twoish-hour extravaganza featuring the dance-drumming rituals of numerous African countries, such as Ghana, Togo and the Central African Republic.

Said groups included UCB Music 148—yes, a class, and a freakin’ enormous one at that—and the slightly smaller African Music and Dance Ensemble, which first came into being in 1973 and currently takes up residence in Richmond.

Thirdly, the Fua Dia Congo is a nonprofit company based in Oakland that endeavors through “traditional music, dance, theater and other artistic interpretations of daily life to dispel myths that Africa is a place where only murder, genocide, disease and starvation thrive.”

And they were all so, so cool.

Clearly, the Clog is finding it difficult to put the true glory of this experience into words, which is why we’ve included the above video. Picture way more awesome costumes, the reverberating acoustics of the Hertz Hall stage, and this particular Clogger having a hell of a time trying to stay in her seat.

Amazing African Dance Group choreography with Djembe druming [YouTube]

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