Unfortunately, this is entirely real. Apparently three swastikas “were drawn on the hallway walls” of Clark Kerr “over the past few days.” Fellow residents of the units recently received an email from the chancellor strongly condemning this act. They have no idea yet who did it, what it was directed at, or if the people who did it were students or Clark Kerr residents.

But rest assured, the UC police department is on the case, and these swastikas are being classified as “hate incidents.” Because as the email said, “We cannot lose sight of the fact that the swastika remains a powerful and disturbing reminder of a Nazi regime and philosophy that condoned anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, rabid intolerance and mass murder.”

Frankly, we were kinda hoping that as a society we were past all of the swastika-drawing hate crimes. Let’s hope that this is an isolated incident that will be resolved quickly.

Image source: tipoyock under Creative Commons
Multiple swastikas found drawn at Clark Kerr campus [Daily Cal]


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