Our commencement speakers! Or do we? Based on Berkeley’s track record of late, we’re not so sure. Granted, we’re not graduating this year and we didn’t attend commencement last year, but compared with the likes of one President Barack Obama, the founder of the Webby Awards is a little–how do we put this–meh. (Please. We were all thinking it.)

We mean, we’re sure alumna Tiffany Shlain is a very nice lady, and we have nothing but respect for people who are firmly aboard the interweb train, but Berkeley is one of the best public schools in the WORLD. What are those Berkeley folk in D.C. trying to say about their home base? Where Chu at?!

Alright, we get it. Bigger name speakers like Oprah don’t want to cross picket lines and we’re grateful to have a speaker at all. And OK, maybe the “online experiment” she’s planning to conduct during the ceremony will actually be illuminating and awesome. But let’s not kid ourselves. You would’ve been hella stoked if you could tell your grandchildren that Tina Fey sent you off into the world.

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Berkeley Berkeley said:
May 5, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Isn’t this the unions’ fault? They won’t let anyone pass their line so the big ones won’t come and cross a picket line. Yet, at some schools where unions are picketing, the unions made an exception. But not Berkeley workers. They suck.