Riding our bike through Downtown Berkeley yesterday, stocking up on fresh edible flowers at the Farmer’s Market, we stumbled upon the annual Pagan Festival at MLK Civic Center park. Babies (not to be confused with the newly released documentary “Babies“) and their whacky Druid parents seemed to be having a grand old time. See evidence of Pagan Baby conversions after the jump.


Image Source: Kate Mitchell
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James L. Bianchi said:
May 11, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Hi Kate:

Glad you could come to the festival. I am a Druid, and a parent. We embrace science, believe in living in harmony with nature, have no devil or hell in our liturgy (We don’t need such things in order to behave properly,) don’t go door-to-door asking if people have been saved by the Goddess, and are pleased for anyone who has found a spiritual belief that works for them. We are whacky because. . .?

Pagan and Proud:

James L. Bianchi,Esq.
Gorsedd Master
Druid House of Danu

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