Last week, some members of the board of UC Regents raised the maddeningly insane question: is the relocation of an art museum a justifiable investment for the university at a time when it can’t afford things more directly pertinent to its basic mission? Fortunately, the foam around their mouths was eventually wiped by sleeve and their deranged criticism dismissed. New BAM gets $5.6 mil, and you can read on for the justification:

First of all, moving BAM is important – not only because it is seismically unsafe at its current location, but because its current space is artistically limiting. Museum directors believe that, though the new space is lesser in the square feet department, it promises more “functionality and flexibility.”

Funding-wise, remember: most of it will be donation based. The majority of the $90 – $95 million project, including the $5.6 just approved, will be provided by donation. The campus is willing to pay only about $20 million if that becomes necessary in the case of insufficient private investment.

In any case, we’re glad to see that things with BAM seem to moving along according to plan. We’re still waiting on the choice of architect, which should be decided by the end of June. As of now, the museum board estimates that the new BAM will be done in 2014. You can count on the Clog to keep you up to date with the BAM saga ’till then!

Image Source: mrgarin under Creative Commons
Funding Approved for Art Museum’s Relocation [Daily Cal]


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