Option 2: Say goodbye ... to THESE! Egad. So our sister (brother?) blog, Notes from the Field, reports that just months after a round of changes and service cuts, AC Transit is still in need of the green–and we don’t mean weed. (Though the company’s board of directors may want to indulge after they meet to “gauge public response” to the cuts they just proposed.)

In order to get closer to closing their projected budget gap, they’re considering three service reduction plans. And from the looks of things, they will all suck for somebody. Actually, they’d all suck for everybody:

The first plan scenario would cut all weekend service except for high-demand lines including the 1, 1R, 51A, 51B, and 57 lines. The second option would curtail late night service, while the third would entail a general across-the-board reduction in service — including cutting the 1 and the 1R’s service to Berkeley.

The third option would also reduce both the 51A and 51B’ s frequency to once every 10-20 minutes.

What the blazes?! Does anybody else think that each of these, in their own special ways, would make AC Transit borderline useless for students? And we pay for those little sparkly stickers saying you can ride the bus for “free.,” you know. Ugh. Balls. Balls everywhere.

Image Source: pengrin™ under Creative Commons
AC Transit Board Considers New Service Cuts [NFtF]


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