Just in time to make your summer a little bit hotter, we bring you the one, the only, the 2010 UCB suggested summer reading list. Technically it’s supposed to be for incoming freshies, but the last time we checked, there were no laws preventing reading. And just imagine all the self-righteous goody-goody points you’ll score.

Professors pick their recommendations on a specific topic each year and this year’s topic is … wait for it … “Education Matters.”Books include “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson (about building schools for impoverished children in Pakistan), “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” and “Our Schools Suck” (pretty self-explanatory).

One book in particular caught the Clog’s eye: a little memoir called “Winning the Dust Bowl” which is “a classic story of his success rising from humble beginnings as a mixed-race kid growing up during trying economic times.”

We’re suckers for true-life humble beginnings stories, so we might actually read that one. And bonus points to anyone who reads books on this list. You are truly scholastic, and we mean that in the most sincere and complimentary way possible. You deserve a gold star.

Summer Reading List [UC Berkeley Summer Reading 2010]
Image source: luis de bethencourt under Creative Commons


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