saturated fat

Everyone’s roommate has a tub of “buttery spread” that’s supposed to taste like margarine, but treat you better. With their arteries in mind, American consumers have taken not one but two big steps away from from the O.G. buttery spread – butter.

Lately, Berkeley’s monthly Wellness letter has been in the business of redeeming kick-ass ingestibles (like milk! and butter!) that have developed undeservedly tarnished reps. For the real deal on saturated fat (The Clog’s condensed version) read on! read more »

We've got a stew goin'!So we’ve got kind of a dilemma, here.

On the one hand, the Clog likes food. OK, we f*cking live for food. We will go to great lengths to obtain food, especially if it is free or particularly delicious.  We also like to consider ourselves somewhat environmentally aware–at least to the extent that the average Berkeley student is environmentally aware. Basically, we recycle and we believe in Michael Pollan and Steven Chu.

On the other hand, we don’t know if we’d go so far as to call ourselves “foodies” or die-hard “locavores.” We know it’s right and sustainable (and tasty) to eat like that, we just don’t always do it. read more »


It’s no secret that Cal’s graduation speakers are consistently lamer than comparable universities’. There a few reasons for this, one of which is union picketing. Demanding UC Berkeley action toward a smorgasboard of social issues, two unions have effectively set up a picket line that at least two speakers – one for the Chicano/Latino and one for the English graduation ceremony – will not cross. read more »

Have you been keeping up with the latest in California budget politics? Because if you haven’t, you might read more »

facebook kitty

We, the kids these days, rode the social networking wave from its inception as its target members. We get it pretty good by now. This New York Times article, building off a study from none-other-than, UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, takes a look at the current state of privacy on Facebook and how we’re reacting. Read on for our handy little condensation: read more »


As you may or may not have heard, Berkeley’s own law prof Goodwin Liu was nominated by Obama to be the Ninth Circuit appeals court judge (and no, it has nothing to do with Dante, if that’s what you were thinking). The conservatives weren’t too pleased, but as of yesterday, his nomination advanced with 12 Dems in favor and 7 Republicans opposed.

The advancement has done nothing to assuage conservative fears, since Liu is vintage Berkeley. He supports affirmative action and same-sex marriage and he has been “open in expressing these views.”

And to his opponents, this screams ALERT ALERT ACTIVIST JUDGE ON THE LOOSE. Republican senator Jeff Sessions put it this way: “He is not a believer in judicial restraint and the traditional view of a judge. Give me a break.”

The fears don’t stop there, either. They worry that Obama “might later seek to elevate Mr. Liu, 39, to the Supreme Court.” A Berkeley law prof as one of the Supremes? HELL yeah. Hang in there, Goodwin, we’re pulling for Liu!

Image source: KeithBurtis under Creative Commons
Liu nomination advances [New York Times]


Main Stacks, May 12, 2010, 5 a.m, this happened.

Image Source: Jane Kim
Earlier: Pagan Babies


OK, can we just call foul on this whole issue? Last year’s incoming L & S freshmen had to read “Omnivore’s Dilemna,” and this year’s incoming freshmen get to have their genes analyzed.

Yeah, that’s right. Think back to when you were a freshman, bleeding blue and gold and desperate for any sign that you were a college-bound adult. Last year we got a big honking book in the mail–this year they get a cool little cotton swab.

If the freshies want to participate, they send the swab back with a tiny bit of their own DNA. The sample will be analyzed for “three non-threatening genetic factors affecting our health: the ability read more »


Coming to and from the Main Stacks the past few days, you may have noticed a group of students camped out in front of California Hall and an accompanying police force of at least a dozen.

As much as we support the right for students to fight for what they believe in, finals seems like the worst time for a hunger strike. Oreos and Cheetos are the only thing keeping us sane after not seeing sunlight for over eight hours.

The group, dubbed the “Hungry for Justice Coalition,” had a rally Monday at 3:30 p.m. in front of California Hall, after police tried to end the strike, resulting in the seizure of protesters’ sleeping bags and tarps. We attended the rally and heard that apparently the group not only won’t eat, but has recently given up water too, claiming they have only 48 hours to live. read more »


Riding our bike through Downtown Berkeley yesterday, stocking up on fresh edible flowers at the Farmer’s Market, we stumbled upon the annual Pagan Festival at MLK Civic Center park. Babies (not to be confused with the newly released documentary “Babies“) and their whacky Druid parents seemed to be having a grand old time. See evidence of Pagan Baby conversions after the jump. read more »

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