shorts11-235x300So, kind of major: the three hikers arrested for supposedly crossing the border from Iraq into Iran may, in fact, have been in Iraq—not Iran. [MercuryNews]

Closer to home and alarming in its own right, a hit-and-run suspect was shot and killed by Berkeley police after a chase that climaxed in gunfire. [SF Gate]

This story’s a bit older, but we thought it worth mentioning that David Morse was totally in the right, yo. [SFBG]

And in the way of bad news gone good, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that UC Berkeley Hastings correctly deemed the Christian Legal Society unworthy of recognition on the grounds of their homophobia (pretty much). [Daily Cal]

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Summer is now in full swing, and if you haven’t already headed out of dodge, you’re wishing you had. Well luckily for you, the folks over on the travel blog have done more than their fair share of exploring, and they’re willing to recount their adventures. It’s almost as good as actually being there.

Image Source: Christian Haugen under Creative Commons
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Travel Blog [Daily Cal Blogs]


Hey there. So sometimes the Clog feels bad for being the Internet–this is Berkeley, so we know you know what we’re talking about. The Internet is destroying journalism! And books! And grammar!

LolCats alone is probably held responsible for the death of spelling. So we feel like we should get some karma points by telling you that you should go to Moffitt Undergraduate Library to see the exhibit entitled “The Future of the Book.” read more »


Well, it’s the end of June (already!? – *shudder*) and that earth-shatteringly important decision we’ve all been waiting for has come through the wires, as promised. BAM/PFA’s selection committee has awarded Diller Scofidio + Renfro the coveted project of building the new, much blabbered about museum. Read on for more info on the NY firm, pics. read more »


Unfortunately, we’re not talking about a “you’re on FIRE!” happy situation here. There was an actual fire in Unit 2′s Ehrman Hall at about 5 a.m. this morning.

Thankfully there were no serious injuries, although two students went to the hospital for “minor smoke inhalation.” 100 plus students were evacuated, and some rooms are not readily “habitable” at the moment.

They think the fire was started in a trash chute when something was discarded that “ignited debris in the trash room.” Remember folks: if it glows, it goes!

Image source: >>>WonderMike<<< under Creative Commons
2 injured in UC Berkeley Dorm Fire [KCBS]


After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

We think you’ll agree when we say that BP’s original catastrophic boo-boo pretty much took the cake in terms of all things appallingly apocalyptic. Which is why it’s pretty insanely unreal that in the wake of f***ing up so badly, not only have our good friends down at One Westlake Park failed to clean up their mess—they’ve also somehow managed to make it incalculably worse.

By that, we mean burning endangered sea turtles alive. read more »

It seems we’ve already established that BART is not always the safest place to be, and that the BART police have, in at least a few instances, been part of that problem.

In the latest instance of questionable behavior, a man was Tased at the Downtown Berkeley BART station after allegedly failing to pay his fare. An officer said he saw the man, a one Jason Johnson, exit without paying the toll. He then pursued Johnson, ordering him to stop and then tasing him in the back when he did not comply. This has raised a few eyebrows within the BART administration and elsewhere. read more »

As academic departments and resources have suffered cutbacks in recent months, so too may athletics. Sports funding has been something of a hot-button issue this year, and in response the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is beginning an overhaul to end its nasty overspending habit.

While no teams have yet been singled out as the victims of possible cuts, some of those involved in men’s gymnatics are already shaking in their boots. read more »


Prop 71 passed in California in 2004, authorizing funding for stem cell research in the golden state. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that by asking for grants, UCB has gotten a piece of that sweet sweet pie.

Two Berkeley researchers, Ellen Robey and David Raulet, have been granted about $1 million each to do their stem cellish research. The main goal behind their research is to figure out how to avoid rejection of stem cells.

Think of it like a nerd at a frat party (not that we’ve had read more »

… Hopefully. So, remember that “experimentTiffany Shlain was supposed to be doing in conjunction with the keynote address she gave at general commencement about a month ago? Well, here are the results:

The good news is that Shlain forewent cheesy inspirational background music. It was an effective choice. The bad news is read more »

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