As of now, it’s mostly all gossip and speculation but we hear tell that there may be a big time (more like Big 12 time) expansion in our, uh, beloved athletic conference’s future.  And the not-so-big surprise is that its motivations would be primarily financial. We know, you’re shocked, right?

It looks like the Pac-10 is considering extending an exclusive invite to six schools from the Big 12 to join the cool kids’ table … and a potentially lucrative TV network that would show all PacBig 10+6 conference sports, all the time. Or something similar that’s apparently code for “Cha-ching!”

We don’t know what people in Texas or Missouri (which sources tell us is not actually anywhere near the Pacific seaboard) think about this, but reading about it even for us California folk feels like reading about a vaguely tragic corporate buyout. On the other hand, if it makes money for our much maligned athletics department, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Then again, we don’t know what we’re talking about. Any sports buffs out there have big ideas on the matter?

Image Source: avinashkunnath under Creative Commons
Exclusive: Pac-10 set to invite six from Big 12 [Orangebloods.com], via the Daily Cal’s Sports Desk Twitter. (Follow it, woo!)

Mikey said:
Jun 8, 2010 at 12:40 pm

It’s tragic. It does nothing for kids or the sport. It is an attempt by 2 conferences, have to include Big 10 in this discussion, to consolidate power over a dying system, the BCS. Other than money the only reason why schools want into a BCS conference is more money. I say do away with the BCS and all this silly talk goes away. Since 1999 only 1 Big 10 and 1 Pac 10 school has won the BCS Championship game. While 8 SEC schools and 2 Big 12 schools have won it. Perhaps the Big 10 and Pac 10 should focus more on the development in the areas of recruiting and training and less on out right stealing of whole schools.