We’ve all made excuses for YouTube’s usefulness in the past (“You can find anything! It helps me for school!”) while still managing to spend most of our time watching kids giving hockey psych-up speeches. In other words, the usefulness of YouTube is unquestioned, but the actual time put in to making it useful … that’s a different story.

Until now, with CitizenTube teaming up with the UCB Graduate School of Journalism to help inform citizens of the world.

It’s unclear yet exactly what role the grad school will play, but CitizenTube will “be gradually taking on more and more content.” This has the potential to be what we in the journalism biz call “super awesome.”

Don’t believe us? Take a look at just a few of the headlines on CitizenTube today: “Giant Jesus Statue Destroyed by Fire” and “Gorilla Tries to Escape Zoo Enclosure.” And there are VIDEOS that go with this stuff.

On a more serious note, too, the site includes videos of Uzbeks “flee[ing] ethnic violence” and “blasts at crowded rally in Nairobi.” The first page alone is full of videos from all around the world from a variety of topics. This site could be used to tell stories that slip through the cracks. If the Internet is the death of journalism, we might be looking at the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Was that creepy? ‘Cause new-wave journalism also might have to get a little bit creepy.

Image source: june29 under Creative Commons
YouTube Expands CitizenTube: A UC Berkeley-Curated News Video Stream [Fast Company]


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