rock climbing

Like they do in army commercials. We know rock climbing is one of those things you keep putting off. We found a super local, super beginner-friendly opportunity for you. Don’t let it slip away this time.

The Outdoor Adventure Club offers a “learn as you play” rock climbing introduction in Cragmont Park in the Berkeley hills. It’s a one-day deal, but that should equip you with a pretty solid foundation for future excursions.

The three dates are June 26, July 24 and October 9. Sign up on the quick, cause each group is capped at 6 people. It’s gonna gonna be intimate; it’s gonna get real. Heads up though, the program is pretty steep (zing!) – OAC members pay $89, non members $109. Gear and expert teachers included.

Image Source: rkrajnc under Creative Commons
Outdoor Adventure Club [website]


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