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On Books and Mortality

Posted By Cassie Myers On Jun 28, 2010 @ 12:08 pm In Arts | Comments Disabled


Hey there. So sometimes the Clog feels bad for being the Internet–this is Berkeley, so we know you know what we’re talking about. The Internet is destroying journalism [1]! And books [2]! And grammar [3]!

LolCats [4] alone is probably held responsible for the death of spelling. So we feel like we should get some karma points by telling you that you should go to Moffitt Undergraduate Library to see the exhibit [5] entitled “The Future of the Book.”

The exhibit’s been open for a while, but the details on the website are refreshingly mysterious. The exhibit is an “installation” and it certainly asks the question

“After six centuries of world-changing influence, is the printed book about to join the clay table, the scroll, and the parchment codex as a historic, but obsolete, writing technology?”

But we are left to conclude the answer. Some, like Spengler [6], may insist that print is dead. Others are more hopeful. But in this fight to the death, whose side are YOU on?

Sorry, we got a little carried away. Arguments about the Internet destroying things are the blogger’s equivalent of watching Transformers fight each other.

Image source: Wild Guru Larry [7] under Creative Commons
Exhibit: The Future of the Book [UC Berkeley Events Calendar [5]]

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