The new—or, perhaps more accurately—relocated Ben & Jerry’s has opened its doors on Center Street, between Oxford Street and Shattuck Avenue, a stone’s throw from its old location on Oxford Street across the street from campus.

We have yet to patronize the new location, but it is now serving all the delicious ice cream you could possibly want in this hot summer weather, and we hear tell that its grand opening will be taking place next month, when more students will be around, we imagine. In the mean time, we will no longer be deprived of a place to buy frozen bananas.

Perhaps a source of more intrigue are the storefronts at and next to Ben & Jerry’s old location. Both are still closed, but signs in the window advertise a restaurant that has something to do with barbecueing and what looks to be a cinnamon bun shop, but we’ll keep you posted.

Image Source: sachman75 under Creative Commons
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