Ah, Akira Kurosawa. No, we don’t know anything about him, but did our sigh (tinged with just the right amount of worldliness) convince you otherwise? Good. We’re doing our job. And we’re also helping you do yours by telling you that Wednesday July 7 at 7 at the BAM/PFA there will be a screening of Kurosawa’s “Sanshiro Sugata” parts I and II.

Together the two movies are 163 minutes, which surprises us, frankly. We thought all old classics had to be at least three hours long to be taken seriously (kind of like college finals). But apparently Kurosawa has this sense of “economy” about him. If that means cut to the chase, we are so there.

Especially because the films apparently include “novel” fight scenes like “one done entirely in darkness and shadow, another shot on a windswept, grassy mountainside.”

There’s also judo and stuff. Tickets are $5.50 for UCB students and $9.50 general admission, but that’s still cheaper than going to see “The A-Team.” And Susumu Fujita might give Bradley Cooper a run for his money.

Image source: Meagan Fisher under Creative Commons
Film programs [BAM/PFA]

deado said:
Jul 6, 2010 at 4:36 pm

less sarcasm please