flameOK, so that’s an exaggeration. But we were nonetheless shocked to hear that there has been a string of no less than seven fires just south of campus since Friday.

The police suspect arson in all of them, the latest of which took place Monday evening. More are expected tonight. Burned items include trash cans, cars, a Port-A-Potty, a light pole and one of those wooden benches at the Tang Center.

No suspects have been named or described by the police, and Berkeley police Sgt. Mary Kusmiss offers the following sage insight:

It is too early to determine whether this is a single suspect, multiple suspects or several different suspects

Now, the last time we checked “multiple suspects” and “several different suspects” meant pretty much the same thing, but we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt in that she might have meant “a group of suspects acting together” or “multiple individuals acting on their own,” but we’re not even sure if that was the intended message either.

In any case, keep away from any burning trash cans.

Image Source: kool_skatkat under Creative Commons
Firefighters, Police Respond to Seven Fires Since Friday, Arson Suspected In All [Daily Cal]


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