mountainlion If you happened to be strolling around the Gourmet Ghetto area very early this morning, you may have come across a rather unusual sight. A mountain lion, first reported to the Berkeley Police Department at 2:13 a.m., led police on a bit a of a chase.

The big cat was eventually shot dead around 3:26 a.m. by officers near 1630 Walnut St., about a block away from Chez Panisse and just around the corner from sandwich holy grail and Clog favorite Gregoire.

It is still quite unclear what the mountain lion’s motivation was for promenading in North Berkeley in the middle of the night, and it seems we may never know.

Image Source: SearchNetMedia under Creative Commons
Mountain Lion Shot, Killed Near Shattuck Avenue [Daily Cal]


After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Ayatollah Nasser Makkarem Shirazi, an important religious leader, issued a fatwa in June against keeping dogs as pets, saying that the blind imitation of the West would result in evil outcomes. He issued a second fatwa which bans advertisements about pets or of anything relating to their sale. The second fatwa went on to become law in Iran.

According to Islamic tradition — cited by the fatwa — dogs are unclean animals. To the dismay of those in support of Islamic law, these “unclean” k-9’s have become increasingly popular in Iran – especially among the affluent. Though pet dogs are not illegal, they are sternly looked down upon and one may even get fined for walking his/her dog in the park. read more »

This violinist is having an AWESOME TIME. Hey, you like free stuff, right? Come on, now. We know that was you we saw ravaging Caltopia like the freebie-hunting beast that you are. You little schwag-mongering mongrel, you. Growl.

What?! We’re not hitting on you, we’re just trying to tell you about Cal Performances’ Fall Free for All! Sheesh. Anyway, it sounds pretty cool. It’s not just free stuff. It’s free culture stuff. It’s free performances on four stages around campus from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 26.

The event is apparently a “preview of the artistic residencies and collaborations that you will find here throughout the year.” So, basically, they’re all really legit acts that most of the time you would have to pay a lot of money to see, like San Francisco Opera Adler Fellows and the Mark Morris Dance Group. Plus, if the day is anything like the image they’re using to promote it (see right) it’s gotta be ballin’. Just check out the schedule and see if anything strikes your fancy. Then, uh, give us a call. Wink! (Kidding … )

Fall Free for All [CalPerfs], via Berkeleyside


Are you looking to get into the oh-so-glamorous and lucrative world of print (or online, nudge nudge) journalism? Now that the new semester has started for real, we figured we ought to let you know about opportunities to work for your very own student newspaper, The Daily Californian, or better yet, its more sarcastic, immature offshoot, The Daily Clog.

The Daily Cal is hiring, so if you crave incoherent comments on your writing from anonymous internet denizens, look no further. read more »

Teenager wears Real 3D Glasses

If you said that summer 2010 could be aptly renamed as the summer of 3D, we wouldn’t disagree. Flicks following everything from vicious, flesh-eating fish to sassy teen dancers ruled the silver screen, in all their pop-out-and-invade-your-sense-of-personal-space glory.  Apparently, oversized teeth gnashing away two inches from your face is a pretty big crowd-pleaser. That, and the bi-colored glasses are just way too hip to pass up.

What you might not know about this cinematic and cultural phenomenon is that it’s currently being researched at our very own UC Berkeley. Yup, Martin Banks, a Professor of Visual Science here, is eager to find out more about 3D—especially when it turns bad.

According to Banks, those post-movie gnarly headaches are caused by the brain’s difficulty in processing the aberrations that often accompany shoddy 3D productions. We’re still hoping that Banks can find more conclusive evidence to start knocking that dreaded two-character ending off of … uh, like, every movie being made, so, in the meantime, let’s save all that red/blue overload for Big Game.

Image Source: TheVlue under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Researchers Study Health Effects of 3D [ABC News]


If you find yourself feeling particularly ode-y or rhyme scheme-y this Thursday, we have an outlet to fulfill your poetry needs. On Thursday Sept 2 at 6:30 p.m. in the Maud Fife room in Wheeler, faculty poets will read their own work. Poets include CS Giscombe, Robert Hass, Lyn Hejinian, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, John Shoptaw, and Matthew Zapruder, the 2010 Holloway visiting poet.

It’s not def jam, and it’s not a poetry slam (any chance we’re poets and we don’t know it?). Instead it’s something better: a chance to see our very own professors performing their own work. There’s something intriguing about watching professors express themselves creatively–it reminds us that they’re just as human as we are (although, yes, smarter and more widely published).

At any rate, it’s sure to be fine food for intellectuals everywhere. We’re not sure if it’s the beret/snapping fingers kind of poetry event, but you never know. Worth going just to find out. For God’s sake, there will be actual poet-professors there! They’re the T-1000′s of English department hybrids!

Image source: eflon under Creative Commons
Faculty Reading: Presented by Holloway series in poetry [Berkeley English]


And no, we don’t mean through the copious consumption of alcohol or other substances in which you might be partaking this weekend. You’ve (hopefully) already run across a copy of the Daily Cal Fall Orientation issue, but perhaps you haven’t yet encountered the publication billing itself as its edgier, hipper equivalent, the Cal Disorientation guide.

The Disorientation guide is conspicuously lacking any mention of its authors or organizers, although we do have reason to suspect that a certain bear-like character is involved. Nevertheless, read more »

Hopefully now that school is starting you all have places to live, are no longer sleeping on friends’ couches, and you’ve successfully retrieved the security deposit from your last living arrangement. That is unfortunately not the case for our esteemed university president, a one Mark Yudof.

Except his security deposit was $32,100, paid for by the University of California, and instead of staying on a friend’s couch while looking for new digs he stayed in the Claremont Hotel. He and his wife have now settled into their new place, but left behind damage at the old one, including a scratched marble bathtub, a broken window shade and a whole bunch of damaged plaster from hanging things on the wall.

For real, Mark Yudof, you couldn’t have spackled before you left? read more »


It’s Welcome Week–freshmen are loaded down with swag and more information about acronyms than anyone would care to have. It’s enough to make you start chucking promotional bags out the window (but don’t, because that’s a dorm violation). And the poor freshies are also getting advice from another source: a letter from public policy professor Michael O’Hare about how elderly Californians scammed our generation.

The letter begins on an up note, mentioning how Berkeley is pretty much number one and that whole gambit. But then it starts getting depressing. According to O’Hare the entire incoming class (and presumably the rest of the generation) “have been the victims of a terrible swindle.” O’Hare believes that read more »

shorts11-235x3001Best way to celebrate our sudden influx of warm weather: dreaded return to academic grind? Right. Try PFA’s screening of many shorts–not to be confused with our own informative pantaloons. [UC Berkeley Events]

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who YOU gonna call? Um, the twofer that is Berkeley’s campus-city ultimate crime-fighting combo. Obvi. [Mercury News]

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s ongoing research in the strife-ridden Gulf points to a quick-moving clean-up that may or may not be taking place as the handiwork of a very small, surprising source. [Wall Street Journal]

Lynne Cheney thinks we suck. [Huffington Post]

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