Tell 'em, girl!

Are you ready to ruuumble, Cal Bears?! Why, you ask? Can’t you just feel it in the unseasonably sweltering air? It’s football time! This Saturday, September 4 is our first home game against UC Davis. Kick-off is at 1 p.m.

Yes, we’re going to make the “Who even knew Davis had a football team? What, is it made up of cows?” joke. And you’re going to like it. Maybe. Apparently, this will be the first time Cal and Davis have met “upon the gridiron,” as they say, since 1939. So we’re guessing somebody forgot about the Aggies … until now.

“But are they actually any good?” you’re wondering, because you — like us — know little to nothing about football. Thus, in a rare fit of hard-nosed reporting, the Clog asked Daily Cal Assistant Sports Editor Ed Yevelev the tough question: Are we going to win?

“I hope to God that we win,” he replied, shaking his head slightly.

So there you have it, folks! We are going to win, because if we don’t it will be very, very sad. (Knocks on wood.) And when we do, you can get cheapened burritos and Cal merchandise at Mario’s La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant and the Cal Student Store, respectively. 3 percent off for every touchdown the Bears score is better than no percent off for every touchdown the Bears score.

Image Source: Lara Brucker, Daily Cal
Extra Points Football Blog [Daily Cal]


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