Ruh roh.

WOW that’s a terrible joke and most certainly not what Taylor Swift had in mind, but, hey, we got your attention, right? Good. Because you need to know about soft story buildings. Especially if you live in one.

Turns out, they’re kind of as dangerous as they look. What do they look like? Well, they often look like the garages are propped up under the rest of the building on sticks. They also look like a ton of the buildings on Southside. Fortunately, the Berkeley City Council wants to ameliorate the situation by actually implementing an ordinance that’s been in place since 2005.

This would involve building owners informing people that their apartments are wont to collapse with the next earthly tremor and then seismically retrofitting said buildings within two years of learning this fact. Naturally, that  has not happened in many cases. So, there you have it. Soft story time is now over. (Clunky conclusions, FTW!)

Image Source: Michael Kang, Daily Cal
Soft Story Policy Update May be Ahead [Daily Cal]


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