4411857245_d3c3bcab69Ah, yes, it’s a good week for off-the-wall pop references. You guessed it: this post is not about Madonna. It is, rather, an ode to our continuing preoccupation with Sarah Shourd, recently released from prison in Iran and currently making the newsy rounds back on American soil.

Maybe you’ve been following the story as obsessively as the Clog — but if not, here are some relevant tidbits for your eager consumption:

Shocker! The Cal alum will appear on a segment of Oprah that airs today. Maybe she’ll walk away with a free car for all her troubles. [Christian Science Monitor]

Stating her doubts that she, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal ever truly crossed into Iran, Shourd says she “was told directly by an Iranian prosecutor that her guilt or innocence ‘really doesn’t matter.’” No surprises there, either. [ABC]

Shourd expresses the desire to meet with Ahmadinejad during his current stay in New York to discuss the continued incarceration of Bauer and Fattal. She also gives limited insight into the larger narrative of her ordeal; quotes like “screamed and screamed all night long” are particularly distressing. [AP]

Given Shourd’s inability to be completely candid about the whole experience while Bauer and Fattal remain in prison, Fox News has taken it upon themselves to make some educated guesses. [Fox News Blog]

Finally, professor emeritus Hamid Algar of UC Berkeley’s Persian studies offers a sobering opinion regarding the two remaining prisoners, insofar as they probably register on Iran’s “internal list of concerns.” [SFGate]

Image Source: Bombardier under Creative Commons


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