DSCN5462The overcast and rainy weather didn’t do much to dampen spirits at yesterday’s “>play Conference.” That’s probably because the event was held indoors at Haas School of Business. Or it could be because a majority of the conference attendees are the type who rarely see sunlight anyway, given the amount of time spent in a cubicle. Whatever the case, there was excitement in the air (and doubtlessly lots of wireless signals) at UC Berkeley’s annual >play Digital Media Conference, which featured presentations and panels on all manner of trending topics in the digital world. Facebook, Microsoft, Pixar, Wired and Twitter were there. And, being the cutting edge trend-setters that we are, so was the Clog. read more »

voteSent in your absentee ballot yet? If not, we’ve got all the things you need to get your act together before election day.

Hopefully you registered already, and if you’re going out to the polls you can find your polling place by entering your address on this website.

If you haven’t decided how you’re voting yet, information on city ballot measures and candidates are here and the state voter information guide is here. The Daily Cal’s coverage of the election is here, along with the Senior Editorial Board’s endorsements. (City council endorsements are up, the rest will be online later today and in the paper on Tuesday.)

Not only that, the Daily Cal will be waking from its usual Wednesday slumber this week to bring you its first Wednesday print edition since … the 2008 presidential election, chock full of results and election coverage.

See you at the polls!

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It’s Halloween, you are partying with some friends, everyone is drinking. When it comes time to go home, you’re already tired, it’s cold, late, and most likely raining so your friend who has been drinking offers you a ride back home.  That’s a no go. Luckily, we found another (sober) fast and warm way for you to get home this Halloween.

Berg Injury lawyers is hosting the 6th annual “Safe and Sober Free Cab Ride Home” program this Sunday. You can call from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. to get a free ride. The cab companies are in Albany, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco. From Albany, Oakland and Berkeley call Veterans Cab at 800-281-4488 and from San Francisco call Luxor Cab at 415-2828-4141. For both cases, tell the cab company that the ride is on Berg Injury Lawyers.

If you want to call, there are some restrictions: cabs must pick you up from a bar or restaurant and drop you off back home. Also, they will give rides from East Bay to SF but not SF to East Bay — not sure why. So if you’re read more »

The San Francisco skyline has been glowing a lurid orange of late, and we thought, “Wow! The whole city is prepping for Halloween!” But no, Coit Tower and City Hall and random insignificant condominium buildings were not orange for Halloween. Fail.

critical mass

Cyclists dress up for the the Halloween Critical Mass.


Learn how to swing dance and watch/ join in when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” comes on at Lindy at Fright on Upper Sproul tonight, attend a Dia de los Muertos ceremony in the Student Union’s Multicultural Center or experience the audio-visual feast that is BAM’s [email protected] series at their All Hallow’s Eve PartyHauntology. There’s also the usual assortment of frat parties all weekend, Halloween-themed for the occasion, such as Sigma Phi’s Dawn of the Drunk.

In case you missed the Zombie walk earlier in the week but still want to get your gore on and walk stiff-legged with the deadest of them, you’ve got your chance tonight! A zombie walk will wind its brief way through the Mission to end at a “Zom Prom.” Also, cyclists always dress up for the Critical Mass right before Halloween, rain or shine, which means attendees not only enjoy seeing a lovely display of creativity but also impressive balance and physical prowess (it can’t possibly be easy to cycle when you’re a banana or a lobster or a flower or naked).  You can also learn about the haunted history of the SF City Hall at a Ghost Walk brought to you by the folks at City Guides.

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Apparently, the ASUC is taking a lighter approach to dealing with how effin’ long its meetings are.  Instead of, y’know, streamlining their processes and pointlessly bickering less, the senate is considering a bill that would amend their bylaws to “make every 11th meeting optionally pajama-themed.”

According to what Junior Ryan Quan told the Daily Cal, “No one wants to be in jeans till four in the morning.”

And we couldn’t agree more. We prefer general pantslessness at four in the morning, ourselves. But read more »

oh snapIn case you don’t have a calendar — or you have one and just don’t use it — we at the Clog would like to remind you that this weekend is Halloween weekend.

Oh, snap, you think, I need a costume!!!

Lucky for you, we’ve found ourselves in a similar predicament, and as such, have been racking the ol’ noggin for some ideas. Also, seeing as we haven’t even two nickels to rub together, these are all ideas that can be put together on the cheap.

Feeling hipster? read more »

bike awks

After witnessing a girl ride her bike an inch past the no-riding-your-bike zone get chewed out by a very angry policeman we decided that it would be best to help inform our readers about Berkeley bike laws.

Unfortunately pedestrians have the right of way all the time so you can’t just run them over. But that’s more basic. On campus and in Berkeley, bicycles need to be licensed. You can find a time and location to get a license here.

Rule #3, do not ride your bike in the “Dismount Zone” which includes Sproul Plaza and Dwinelle Plaza extending all the way past the front of Wheeler. Like we said, do not even ride an inch into the “Dismount Zone” or the U.C.P.D will hunt you down.

The last major rule is more logical than the third: no parking your bike in corridors or anywhere that may block an exit. If people can’t get out of a building during emergency’s because of your bike that is BAD and no one wants to be responsible for that (expect creepy psycho-killers).

Ride safely!

Image Source: AndyRamdin/ND-Photo.nl under Creative Commons
U.C.P.D. Berkeley | Bikes on Campus [Site]

parking ticket

Last Tuesday, the Berkeley City Council voted to raise parking ticket fees by $3.00. The measure will go into effect Dec. 7.

Every parking violation fine in the city will be raised by $3.00 across the board. Actually, the raise was supposed to be $5.00 but they are waiting to see Berkeley’s reaction to $3.00 first. So if we throw a major fit will they spare us the extra $2.00?

This is the second year in a row that the parking ticket fines have increased: in June 2009 they also went up $5.00. And Berkeley policemen definitely do not joke around. Crying and/or flirting won’t appease them, not that we’ve tried (P.S. don’t cry and flirt at the same time, it will not work, ever). Also we hear that no exceptions are made for birthdays either. Meanies! They give out 247,000 tickets a year … yikes.

Here are the new ticket prices: expired meter — $43; parking on a street sweeping day — $98; illegal parking in a commercial or loading zone — $57.

Major weaksauce, and another good reason to not bring your car to Berkeley.

Image Source: wireheadinc under Creative Commons
Berkeley parking fines to increase by $3.00 [Berkeleyside]


Gah, we’re sorry to keep doing this to you, our faithful readers, but there’s another event tonight Oct. 28 that you’re not gonna want to miss. Elizabeth Warren (yes, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren, seen above with Speaker Nancy Pelosi) will be speaking tonight at MLK in the Pauley Ballroom at 8 p.m. Tickets are free and can be picked up in the lobby starting at 7 p.m.

The speech, entitled “Main Street First: Fixing Broken Markets and Rebuilding the Middle Class” is sure to be a doozy. This is the same Elizabeth Warren who zinged Geithner in a congressional hearing. This is the same Elizabeth Warren who’s a professor and a guest on “The Daily Show.” She’s sure to have something interesting to say, and she’ll explain it in terms that regular, non-economic-major folks can understand.

After all, she’s what we need-o.

Image source: Speaker Pelosi under Creative Commons
Lecture: Elizabeth Warren [UC Berkeley Events Calendar]

chez pThe Michelin Guide, which is a supposedly “reliable” guide of recommendations for restaurants, has taken back the one star they gave to Chez Panisse. Let us remind everyone that Chez Panisse has been considered by some as the best restaurant in America. What more do you want Michelin!! Geez.

However we’ll leave it to the more experienced palates to decide whether Michelin’s decision was a sound one. According to Berkeleyside, the criteria for getting one star is “a very good restaurant in its own category.” To be awarded two stars a restaurant needs to have “Excellent cuisine worth a detour” and the criteria for three stars is, “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey. One always eats extremely well here, sometimes superbly.”

Three local restaurants made the cut. They are Coi in San Francisco, Cyrus in Healdsburg and Manresa in Los Gatos.

But don’t lose faith because of one little star. The owner, Alice Waters, doesn’t seem too distressed. “Although Ms. Waters respects the traditions upon which the Michelin Guide bases its awards, she acknowledges that they aren’t the same traditions upon which Chez Panisse has built its reputation and success over the years,” commented Mia Morgenstern from the Chez Panisse foundation in an interview with Berkeleyside.

Hata’s gon’ hate Michelin. Power through Chez Panisse!

Image Source: drspam under Creative Commons
Chez Panisse loses its Michelin Star [Berkeleyside]

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