Sick of watching all your friends go to all the amazing concerts the Greek Theater has been having while you stay home and cry yourself to sleep? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

As will often happen when the Clog spots a reason for distress amongst our fellow students, we found an easy and free solution: watching concerts from behind the theater. When we say watching we pretty much mean listening since only the upper half of the stage is visible, but concerts are 75 percent for listening anyway right?

Here is how to do it. Walk up to the parking lot located right behind the Foothill dorms. There you will find a big hill, crowded with broke or cheap students just like us and you! Here a picnic is also tempting and plausible. If you are scared of getting into trouble, do not worry, this is totally allowed — security actually told us if we wanted to watch the concert from the lot we should sit on the hill.

If this sounds like fun, then a golden opportunity is waiting to be seized since this weekend Arcade Fire will be performing. See you there.

Image Source: hpitlick under Creative Commons


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