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Here’s the Scoop

Posted By Jillian Wertheim On Oct 13, 2010 @ 7:08 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

i scream

“Let’s get licking!”

To clarify, those are Ben Cohen’s words, not ours, and to clarify further, he said them at the grand re-opening [1] of Berkeley’s Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop.

Hmmm, you might be thinking, Ben Cohen … Ben & Jerry’s … could it be?

Yes, readers, whether or not you were aware of it, the Ben of Ben & Jerry’s was here in Berkeley just the other day. If you can’t believe that you missed his speech on fair trade, or finding out his favorite flavor (Cherry Garcia), you’re in luck, because the Clog most certainly didn’t and we’re happy to tell you what went down at 2130 Center Street.

Essentially, Mr. Cohen was happy to tell us that Ben and Jerry’s will be the first ice cream company to become a 100% fair trade company (by 2013) — meaning the product (the ice cream) won’t be sold for a price that is lower than the cost of production. This means we Chocolate Fudge Brownie lovers might have to shell out a few extra pennies per pint, but those pennies can, collectively, make a huge difference in the lives of the cocoa farmers who will benefit from this business plan. Still confused? It’s about corporate profits going back to the people who really need ’em.

And if you want a pairing better than chocolate with more chocolate, this makes Ben & Jerry’s a fair trade company in a fair trade city — yup, our very own Berk-town went fair trade over the summer.

As if that weren’t enough to take in one sitting, Cohen went on to explain that Ben & Jerry’s dedication to excellence, the company is going “all natural” (even though they won’t advertise themselves as such due to some complicated business involving Dutch-Process cocoa). So all of the ingredients going into every luscious scoop will be, you guessed it, all natural.

Don’t worry about this switch to the natural side affecting your favorite flavor, though. Cohen assured us we won’t be able to taste a difference, which is good, because consistency is really what we all look for in a sundae, anyway.

Image Source: roboppy [2] under Creative Commons
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