Not just giant watermelons, but gargantuan zucchinis and onions and corn! All inedible, sadly, as they were part of the Upper Sproul screening of “Fresh” put on by the lovely folks of the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

One attendee, James Huang, said of the documentary’s take on sustainable agriculture: “It’s like ‘Food, Inc.,’ just less gross,” which roughly translates to “Not as many people would be converted to vegetarianism/veganism by ‘Fresh’ as by ‘Food, Inc.’ but, regardless, down with those evil giant food corporations!”

Their Outreach and Publicity Coordinator Ruby Yoon took a few minutes to talk to the Clog in between fielding questions from students who were interested in volunteering: ”In addition to organizing educational activities like these, we’ve been focusing on opening the storefront. We’ve been really busy.” Which, we’re guessing, is quite the understatement when it comes to a bunch of Berkeley students getting together and opening an actual store that sells locally sourced, sustainable food.

Expect to see more exciting developments from the collective in the near future, with their store opening up very soon at 2440 Bancroft Ave.

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