Check out that sky. Know what it means? Yup, that would be rain, unholy bane of our existence this past Sunday on our godforsaken island in the sea.

Can you guess what would have made it all OK? Definitely not the umbrellas we were so unceremoniously forced to throw away. We were all set to write Another Planet a seriously pissed off letter about how we as starving college students already paid an arm and a leg for our tickets and they couldn’t expect us to toss a perfectly good umbrella (we could buy a whole burrito with the money spent on a replacement) without giving them a piece of our mind.

Then we found this. But, like, whatever.

At least the weather cleared up during Ra Ra Riot’s set, just in time for perfect visibility vis-a-vis the cellist’s, um, musical prowess. Why didn’t anyone tell us Alexandra Lawn is so unbelievably gorgeous? We are def her biggest fans — oh, and the band was super rad, too.

On the subject of all things awesome, the Silent Disco is pretty much our new favorite thing of all time (of all time!).

Less awesome was She & Him’s performance; actually, let’s amend that to Zooey Deschanel’s, because M. Ward never fails to amaze. Zooey, you are cute beyond reason, but for the love of God, a decent stage presence does not entail bouncing in place with a tambourine and weirdly impassive expression whenever it’s not your time to sing. And the subtle snobbery regarding your audience’s inferior vocalizing? We totes appreciate you condescending to allow us to bellow tonelessly along.

Also, while we’re citing complaints: so-oo many misguided moustaches in that crowd. But to be fair, we expected nothing less.

Moving on to less pessimistic pastures — Broken Social Scene, for all their obnoxious technical difficulties, persevered and put on such a phenomenal show. Belle and Sebastian were fabulous as well; Zooey should take notes on said levels of audience engagement (no, we’re not letting it go).

Surpassing all comparison, however, were The National. Fact: Matt Berninger simply has no peer — and after all our griping about the cold and the rain, words couldn’t quite describe the magic of “Fake Empire” filling that overcast and melancholy space. We’re getting all tingly just remembering it.

Oh, and P.S. The montage of clips from the “Pirates” porno just prior to The National’s set? It was definitely something.

Image Source: zebtron under Creative Commons


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