3383916444_c17344b56eBack in the old days, you had to sit down at your computer when you wanted to check your social networks. Sure, you could “pimp out” your Myspace with sparkling animated images and obsessively update your profile song; but it was arduous, and required you to be located in proximity to a computer. Now, our social networks can be accessed at any moment via cell phone. It’s much easier, but still requires that you physically move your body. However, all that may be about to change.

A new technology called “AudioFeeds” promises to usher in a new way to be alerted to social network updates: sound. Okay, so it’s not the most novel thing (isn’t that… like a ringtone?) But it does promise to make Facebook alerts sound like the plinking of water, and we’ll be alerted to new Twitter updates by a lively bird call. Supposedly, news updates will can even be represented by instruments “such as the didgeridoo or wind chime.” All of this in glorious “3D” sound , via headphones. So that means that this can’t be a gimmick at all, right?

In any case, the goal, according to co-developer Steven Brewster, is “to tell you what is going on in your social networks in a non-intrusive manner.” That’s an interesting concept, but when you’re even remotely as popular as we are, hearing the torrential deluge of plinking water accompanied by the cacophonous shriek of birds would be anything but non-intrusive. And don’t even get us started on the didgeridoo.

Image Source: Matt Hamm under Creative Commons
Now That’s What A Tweet Should Sound Like [NewScientist]


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