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More Grass in Our Future

Posted By Jae Park On Oct 26, 2010 @ 11:57 pm In Sci/Tech | Comments Disabled

No, this isn’t grass of the Prop. 19 sort, but rather a proposed feat of bioengineering wizardry [1] that would siphon large amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide, offsetting fossil fuel emissions, and generally being good for the planet and stuff.

In recently published research, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Christer Jansson [1] maintains that

“we need to explore the extent to which plants, and specifically genetically engineered plants, can reduce levels of atmospheric carbon.”

This is a departure from many existing plans for the usage of engineered plant species, which predominantly revolve around the production of biofuels.

Jansson’s vision of the idealized crop would be one that has a highly leafy surface area, could withstand drought, and could grow off of salt or waste water. Such a superplant would go a long way to counteracting the “gigaton” of carbon emissions that humans output each year. A gigaton? Oh … my. We don’t even have to know how much that is to be worked into a sensationalistic, frothy rage at the sheer inconvenient truth of it.

We can only imagine that soon, grasses will be engineered to siphon pot smoke from the air. “The Grass Cycle,” perhaps?

Image Source: wili_hybrid [2] under Creative Commons
The Next Carbon Capture Tool Could Be New, Improved Grass [NewsCenter - LBL [1]]

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