bike awks

After witnessing a girl ride her bike an inch past the no-riding-your-bike zone get chewed out by a very angry policeman we decided that it would be best to help inform our readers about Berkeley bike laws.

Unfortunately pedestrians have the right of way all the time so you can’t just run them over. But that’s more basic. On campus and in Berkeley, bicycles need to be licensed. You can find a time and location to get a license here.

Rule #3, do not ride your bike in the “Dismount Zone” which includes Sproul Plaza and Dwinelle Plaza extending all the way past the front of Wheeler. Like we said, do not even ride an inch into the “Dismount Zone” or the U.C.P.D will hunt you down.

The last major rule is more logical than the third: no parking your bike in corridors or anywhere that may block an exit. If people can’t get out of a building during emergency’s because of your bike that is BAD and no one wants to be responsible for that (expect creepy psycho-killers).

Ride safely!

Image Source: AndyRamdin/ under Creative Commons
U.C.P.D. Berkeley | Bikes on Campus [Site]

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Mar 23, 2012 at 12:24 am