Woohoo! UC Berkeley wins again! YAAAAAAY!  Awesome times! High fives all around!

… Guys? Where’d you go? You don’t want to fist pump to our fair institution’s recent ever-so-laudable achievement? We are, after all, the first public school to reach the big $50,000 in costs for out-of-state students. That is certainly nothing to sniff at.

Of course, this is including room and board, along with tuition. Plus, it looks like a lot of other schools are clawing their way up behind us. Basically, we should celebrate our victories while we can.

Or something. Now who’s up for grad school?!

Image Source: Evil Erin under Creative Commons
In A First, One Year of Public College Can Now Cost $50,000 in California [NPR], via Berkeleyside


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