We were ready for one of those nights. A Main Stacks night. There were more books in our bag than hours left in the day. There was a caffeinated drink tucked away neatly, waiting to be smuggled in. Yes, we were prepared to disappear into the library until the final “may I have your attention please” blared from the intercom. Sadly, it was not to be.

Our grand plans for the evening evaporating as we clutched the handles of Moffitt’s locked doors in desperation, we at least had the presence of mind to check the calendar so thoughtfully affixed before us. It was exactly as we feared: the library closed at 5 p.m. today, and will closed all day tomorrow. Ugh. How are we supposed to really enjoy our day off without holing ourselves up in a sterile and intellectually draining subterranean study hell for as many hours as sanity permits?

Main Stacks has long been our preferred locale for intensive study, and it’s a rare occurrence that it should be closed. So, in the interest of those who find themselves in similar situations this Veteran’s Day, we’ve compiled a short list of what we’ve deemed to be alternative study options, along with their associated pros and cons.

Option 1: Find another library

Pros: There are a ton of libraries on campus, so choosing another one probably won’t be too hard. Studying at another library may also replicate the atmosphere of Main Stacks, making you feel more at home.
Cons: No other library can match Main Stacks’ consistent (and yawn-inducing) 15+ hours of open time. You may also feel bad about cheating on Stacks. He was your homeboy, you’re going to leave him for another library, just like that?

Option 2: Study at a Cafe

Pros: An atmosphere that won’t actively sap away your will to live. Coffee and treats.
Cons: An atmosphere that won’t actively sap away your will to live. That means noises and potential distractions. Most cafes also boast windows that afford glimpses of the outside world, reminding you how much you don’t want to do math homework.

Option 3: Study at Home

Pros: Work from the comfort of your own home! You don’t even have to get dressed.
Cons: After several hours, you aren’t caught up with your reading. You are, however, caught up through Season 3 of 30 Rock.

Option 4: Don’t Study

Pros: Not studying!
Cons: Nagging guilt. Failure. Ruination.

So there you have it. Regardless of how you choose to spend tomorrow’s holiday, have a happy Veteran’s Day!

Image source: Library Hours
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