Iz not amused.

We at the Clog saw it fit to awaken from our winter slumber to bring you this heartwarming bit of holiday cheer.

It seems three dozen of the UC’s highest paid executives have sent a letter to the Board of Regents demanding a dramatic increase in retirement benefits. Because the existing benefits along with their $245,000+ a year paychecks are clearly not enough.

As it seems, the current calculation does not calculate pensions as a percentage of salary for those earning more than $245,000 a year, instead it calculates benefits only on the first $245,000. We know, it’s tragic. read more »


Our school needs more residence halls. The Long-Range Development Plan points out the need for housing for 1,600 more students. Part of that need is currently being taken care of as the charming plot of land facing People’s Park east of Telegraph between Haste and Channing is on its way to holding UC Berkeley’s new residence hall.

Sadly, Berkeley has one of the most expensive residence housing prices in the country ranging from about $15,714 a year for a single in dorms like Stern or Unit 1 or 3 and up to $17,000 a year for Clark Kerr.

The new building will have 424 beds in a 4 to 6 story complex. It is set to open in 2012 when it will hold 160 sophomores and 224 upper level classmen — for those upper level students still willing to pay that kind of money for housing.

A university report announced:

“The residential units are located around courtyards which provide usable outdoor areas for social gatherings or quiet study and which provide for outdoor views, maximum natural ventilation, thermal mass and daylight. One of the courtyards is designed around a Queensland Kauri‐Pine, which is identified as a rare specimen tree for the Bay Area.”

We’re not too into university residence halls but that Kauri-Pine does sound pretty cool…

Image Source: litlnemo under Creative Commons
New student housing in Berkeley’s southside [Berkeleyside]

You decide. Or not. In either case, someone on the Clog staff — we won’t say who, it’s ANONYMOUS for a reason, people — ran across this on page 69 (yes, 69) of AnonCon (yes, AnonCon):


Let that one roll off your tongue, and then try not to barf. That’s right, drink in the mildly abominable mash-up of a URL while you still can. Because the last time “UC Berkeley Hipster” posted anything was a week ago, which means that in random Tumblr meme catch-on time, it’s already basically ceased to exist. Plus, the jury’s still out about whether this is so ironic that it’s not actually ironic at all. Oh well, a couple of them are borderline funny, we guess, like the one pictured above!


Are you as sick of seeing all those lame ads on the side of buses as we are? Our new favorite is “The perfect trip … The perfect trap” slogan for “The Tourist.” Like, really? Though we probably will see it if for nothing but to satisfy the superficial drive of our existence … Johnny Depp AND Angelina Jolie, ’nuff said.

But now we are digressing, back to lame bus ads. In March, something worth some real thought will finally be placed on the side of an AC Transit bus: artwork by students from Berkeley High’s Arts and Humanities Academy. The bus, specifically, will be the Freedom Bus, a collaboration between AC Transit and Alameda County Office of Education. It marks the 55th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ refusal to get up during the infamous bus ride in Montgomery, Alabama.

Kids from Alameda and Contra Costa school districts are competing to have their art chosen for the Freedom Bus. The art competition helps educate children about civil rights movements.

Until then, I guess we’ll just have to put up with Johnny and Angelina.

Image Source: Metro Cincinnati under Creative Commons
Berkeley High student artists to take the Freedom Bus [Berkeleyside]


Hey Berkeley! It’s been a while (kind of) since we last took a stand on a politically contentious issue, alienating ourselves from much of red state/middle America. Is this a bad thing? A good thing? Well, that depends on your opinion, but here’s another stand-taking that might get ugly: Berkeley City Council is now thinking of honoring the man who allegedly leaked the first set of documents.

The Council will vote on Tuesday of next week on “a resolution to honor” Pfc. Bradley Manning, the guy suspected to be behind many of the leaks (including the leak of a video of a US bomb strike on civilians). It was drafted by City Peace and Justice Commissioner Bob Meola who told the AP that Manning should get a medal.

Unsurprisingly, Fox News has already weighed in on the issue with the classy headline “Berkeley Gives America the Middle Finger.” The headline is followed by a picture of a giant flag, in case you didn’t already get the extreme subtlety of their message.

We would wager a good amount of our freedom that this issue is going to get a lot of hackles up on both sides. So how about it, Clog fans? Whaddya think?

Image source: alexcovic under Creative Commons
Berkeley Council weighs honoring accused in WikiLeaks case [Associated Press] via Oakland Tribune



We know you’re hankering for a break right about now. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you’re hankering for a break from taking a break from studying. Watching “30 Rock” on Hulu when you’re supposed to be studying can be very stressful. Either way, there’s a holiday concert tomorrow Dec. 8 at noon in Hertz Hall, and we think you might enjoy it.

It’s choral holiday music from around the world, people! We’re talking England, France and Germany! Well, those were the ones listed on the information site. There could be more, too! At any rate, we’re talking Christmas carols and “winter songs.”

Fingers crossed for “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.“ We’ve always wanted to see that taken on by a full choir of serious professional musicians.

P.S. In spite of this picture, we have no idea if the choirs will be wearing Santa hats. Probably not.

Image source: ethanlindsey under Creative Commons
Noon Concert: Holiday Choral Music [UC Berkeley Department of Music Calendar]

workin' hard

So, we’re not particularly surprised to hear this, because the Bay is awesome and brilliant and just all-around amazing, but a handful of Bay Area cities (namely SF and Oakland) have been declared to be some of the “smartest places to live.”

What does that mean, exactly? We’re not entirely sure.

According to NBC Bay Area, Portfolio magazine went a-hunting for the country’s most intellectual and successful cities — if you’re still confused as to how they figured that out, check out their list of criteria here.

Regardless of how Portfolio magazine figured it out, we’re happy with the results.

Although, considering the fact that we’ve spent the past weekend snoozing, boozing and perusing AnonCon instead of preparing for our upcoming finals like any right-minded academic should, we might have reason to doubt their accuracy. Whatever. We’ll welcome this bit of news with open arms and hope that our final grades will get a boost just by the fact that we’re taking exams in the Bay Area.

Image Source: tassie.sim under Creative Commons
No Duh? Bay Area Among Smartest Places to Live [NBC Bay Area]


While you’re studying for finals, you might feel like taking a break and listening to the radio. If you do, you might want to tune in to KPFA in Berkeley from 6 – 7 a.m. on weekdays for their new Al Jazeera English program.

The Pacifica Foundation owns that radio station, along with many others around the country. According to Berkeleyside, the show started broadcasting here and in New York and Houston today, but will continue to expand to LA and DC in January.

So as usual, we Berkeley-ans are among the first to adopt this new trend. Do we feel smug about it? Yes. Should we? Probably. At the very least, if you’re up from 6 to 7 in the morning and you’re hungry for news, you now have another source for it. And hey, kudos for getting up so early!

Image source: Joi under Creative Commons
Al Jazeera comes to Berkeley airwaves [Berkeleyside]

That’s right, AnonCon is back. And despite the fact that it’s been up for more than 12 hours, there has been a rather paltry showing of anonymous confessions. So go, confess whatever’s on you mind and distract your friends and neighbors from their arduous finals studies. Think of it as a public service.

Happy studying (and procrastinating)!

Image Source: Dyanna under Creative Commons
It’s time for ANONCON FALL 2010! [Livejournal]

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