If we had a dollar for every application... we could afford the fee increases

If we had a dollar for every application... we could afford the fee increases

It’s January. For some, this might mean a struggle with New Year’s resolutions. For hordes of high school seniors, this means that after endlessly reworking personal statements and trudging through baffling admissions websites, college applications are finally submitted. Reflecting on own days back in high school — a decidedly surreal and mildly uncomfortable experience — we can take heart in knowing that no matter how competitive admissions seemed then, it was not as bad as now: Seniors applied in record numbers this year, with UC Berkeley garnering more than 52,000 new applications — topped only by UCLA (with 61,000) and UC San Diego (with 53,000).

The increase in applications is sure to intensify an already-competitive decision process, but the Washington Post reports that this increase is more likely a result of students simply applying to more schools than an indicator of significant growth in the number of applicants. So while those high school seniors may have it rough twiddling their thumbs in grim anticipation of more rejection letters this spring, they can still be glad that they’ll be entering college — and not the peachy job market — come fall. Ah, youth.

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Image Source: lifeasart under Creative Commons

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