facebookAs if there weren’t enough instances on the internet where middle-aged people examine the lives of teenagers they don’t even know, there emerges a new reason for social network stalking: college applications. The results of a survey by Kaplan show that more than 80 percent of college admissions officers look at social media websites such as Facebook when they are recruiting.

The editor of StudentAdvisor.com, Dean Tsouvalas, stated that he knew of at least one case where a student was rejected because of a social networking profile. Tsouvalas suggests that students use their accounts to their own benefit, by showing support for a school or adding an extra dimension to their application, something which will distinguish them from the rest of the applicants.

Even an admissions officer at Harvard is reported to have said that she definitely considers candidates’ Facebook profiles. For those of us already in college, this raises the worrying issue of future employers checking out our Facebook pages to see just how many Saturday afternoons we actually spent volunteering. So be sure to take down any scandalous profile pictures and set everything to private, or you might face some rather awkward rejections.

Image Source: michaelb1 under Creative Commons
80% Of College Admissions Officers Use Facebook To Check Out Students [The Huffington Post]

birdhouseOne couple, by the names of Tom White and Dmitri Belser, has taken on quite an ambitious project. They bought the Cheney Cottage, originally located on College Avenue, for $16 from the campus.

They recently relocated half of it to 62nd Street, where they plan to restore it. The second half is due to arrive in March. They’re documenting the project on their blog, subtitled, “How a gay blind jew and his lover of 30 years managed to move two 100 year old houses and restore them – and lived to tell the tale.”

Of course, this sort of undertaking is not one for the faint of heart. The house in question was originally built in 1906, and sliced in half to move last year. It was also offered up for $1 by the campus in fall 2009. What’s with the huge markup to $16? Sounds like these guys got stiffed.

We kid. And we wish them the best in their restoration efforts. It sounds like they’re going to need it.

Image Source: Echo9er under Creative Commons
Berkeley house moves across town, slice of history saved [Berkeleyside]
62nd Street Blog [Site]

wikileaks Secret secrets are for everyone. If you’re of the opinion that there can never be enough destabilizing information released on the internet, then you’re in luck. Unileaks, modeled after the infamous Wikileaks, is a website dedicated to exposing the secrets of postsecondary institutions in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

The anonymous administrator of the site shared that although Unileaks is not yet at the level of Wikileaks, it has received a substantial amount of information. Wikileaks’ intention is good, he stated, but higher education needs something more specialized, which is why Unileaks was started.

The site, created by Australian activists and launched earlier this month, seeks to eventually include American colleges and universities. This is good news for our schools, which still have some time hide their skeletons even deeper in the closet.

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Unileaks Aims To Leak Universities’ Secrets [The Huffington Post]


Surely by now you’ve heard the rumors. Let’s be real, though: how many of us ACTUALLY believe that it’s going to snow in downtown San Francisco for the first time in 30 years? Global warming is crazy and all, but we’ll have to see this to believe it.

What seems to be of real certainty, however, is a dusting of powdery magic in the North Bay and at elevations of 1,000 feet or higher. There’s even a 50 percent chance read more »

robSo apparently, the state doesn’t care about us anymore. In an interview on Feb. 22, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau explained exactly why he believes that Berkeley is becoming a “federal” rather than a state institution.

When Birgeneau started at Berkeley, the state provided $450 million of the school’s budget. That number has decreased to $300 million dollars and will likely drop to $225 next year. Student fees provided $150 million in revenue at the time of Birgeneau’s beginning, with the total number rising to $340 million this coming year.

Birgeneau emphasizes the importance of federal research funding and state that Berkeley will still carry out its commitment to lower-income students. Hopefully the federal government won’t abandon us too.

Image Source: Karen Ling, Daily Cal
Chancellor: UC Berkeley morphing into federal university [California Watch]

chez1 If you ever have $100 lying around, you should stop by Chez Panisse. Our very own Berkeley landmark has recently been named in the top ten of The Huffington Post’s “The 101 Best Restaurants in America”. Hailed for its use of fresh, locally grown ingredients, this internationally renowned culinary institution was called “a must” and with items such as chocolate and tangerine ice cream profiteroles, we can see why.

Image Sources: Ulterior Epicure under Creative Commons
The 101 Best Restaurants in America [Huffington Post]

medFor those of us with the athletic prowess of a one-armed sloth, the limber feats of dancers seem nigh impossible. Yet a recent study from UC Berkeley shows dancers do not actually have the strongest link between mind and body.

Research shows that it is meditators have a more highly developed bond. Participants in the study were asked to rate emotionally affecting scenes from movies while they were wired with electrodes. The results of the dancers, in fact, varied little from those of the control group, whereas the rate of the meditators’ heartbeats were more indicative of their described emotions.

This difference can be ascribed to the meditator’s inward focus on the “visceral” feelings of the body. Dancers place a greater amount of emphasis on “muscle tone, body alignment and posture.” They might not be in touch with their inner-selves, but then again, many of us can’t even touch our toes.

Image Source: T. Man under Creative Commons
Meditation beats dance for harmonizing body and mind [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]


You know what Berkeley needs? Well, it isn’t another frozen yogurt shop, but Tutti Frutti opened about a week and a half ago all the same. The storefront is on Telegraph and the business model is eerily similar to another yogurt shop we could mention. We visited last week, and there were a few things worth noting.

-The pomegranate flavor which, even though it was an unnatural pink color, was quite tasty.

-The toppings included those stale mini-marshmallows, which reminded us of our childhood sundae-making days.

-Also on the topic of toppings, there’s some mysterious jelly stuff in different flavors. We tried the lychee kind and weren’t crazy about it, but maybe it’s your thing.

-It’s 29 cents an ounce, one cent per ounce less than Yogurtland … which adds up if you eat as much frozen yogurt as we do.

Earlier: Sundaes from Another Planet
Image Source: Summer Dunsmore, Daily Cal

fried oreoIf the words Man Vs. Food or Ace of Cakes seem far too familiar to you, then you have probably done more than your fair share of tuning in to the ultra famous Food Network. Like many shows on the network, the recent addition, Outrageous Food, seeks to find … well … just that: Outrageous food. And where better to go when looking for something outrageous than our very own Berkeley?

Though Berktown is filled to the brim with all its wacky places to eat, host of Outrageous Food, Tom Pizzica, took particular interest in Sumo Grub read more »

160304502_a0d91cdfcb_m“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Remember our favorite childhood chant, the one we’d constantly annoy our parents with as soon as they stepped into the door with our cherished vanilla ice cream, fudge brownie and that gooey chocolate syrup? Well, some things never change; we still anticipate the first bite of that creamy, sugary treat. Let’s hope those screams are just talk though.

Well, you might just let those inner childhood screams out when you try Saturn Café’s delicious hot fudge sundae, cool and refreshing for a summer night with the right amount of chocolate sauce to warm your heart. It’s located on Oxford Street and attending this parlor is a must. The price is almost as delicious as the sundae itself, only $5.25 for a huge scoop!

The chocolatey goodness coupled with the glitzy, glamorous old-fashioned décor of the diner is enough to send us straight to another planet!

Image Source: Muffintop under Creative Commons

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