troy holdenMedical marijuana tours, $250.00: “Tour includes doctor’s visit and appointment and then a tour of San Francisco’s finest cannabis emporiums.”

Branding themselves as the OpenTable for “experiences,” Skyara, a San Francisco-based start-up, urges people to “do something different” by selecting from activities proposed by other Skyara users. Bay Area residents Jonathan Wu, Dennis Liu and Steven Ou founded the site “based on a belief that everyone has something to offer and share” (very Berkeley, we approve).

The only downside? A 12% booking fee for sellers (the website is free for buyers to use) means doesn’t mean Berkeley students won’t be able to mob the site with awesome proposals for things they know how to do and are willing to teach for free. [Correction: This fee doesn't apply to free listings.] For that, the old-fashioned, outdated, low-tech/no-tech method of asking-for-help-in-person still seems to be the best option (great results with tightrope walkers, unicyclists and guitarists, less so on homeless performance artists and carillon players — trust us, we speak from experience).

Some of the other listings that caught our attention:

1 Idea + 1 Coffee with a Brand Strategist, $7.50: “Once you have the idea, you can do anything you want with it … Write it on a piece of paper and burn it before you go to bed at night.” Great, yes! That’s exactly what we wanted the idea for!

Dating Tips for Dummies with 2 Wing-Women, $25.00: “We’ll give you the lowdown on what women REALLY want!” That picture of the two of you in nurse and military officer outfits? Very convincing. You two definitely know what women everywhere REALLY want.

Better Tweets, Texts and Social Updates, $20.00: The seller says, “I love writing and helping people communicate clearly! I’m very gentle and not a grammar nazi at all.” Good, good, we were worried.

(Note: Post edited for accuracy.)

Image source: Troy Holden via Creative Commons

Jonathan said:
Feb 2, 2011 at 2:05 pm

It looks like you can offer something for free. Guess Berkeley students can start posting up fun things to do for ftee

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