comicreliefBerkeley just got a little less nerdy, which means a little less cool to many Berkeleyans. Comic Relief finally closed on Monday, after experiencing a lengthy period of inner turmoil, beginning with the death of its acclaimed owner two years ago until the more recent layoffs. In fact, financial issues were so severe at one point that their distributor refused to send them new releases.

Let’s look on the bright side though. At least they held out until Valentine’s Day, so that a large percentage of Berkeley’s population was not left comicless and dateless.

But have no fear! It is rumored that Dark Carnival will reopen the store under a new name. RIP Comic Relief, you will be sorely missed by everyone — not just the bespectacled outcasts who haunted your premises.

Image Source: Allan Ferguson under Creative Commons
Comic Relief Closes [Berkeleyside]

Ned Flanders said:
Feb 18, 2011 at 11:14 pm

Wow, did some nerd fuck you and not even bother to text you the day after?