chocolateValentine’s Day was not long ago, and if you’re in the sort of relationship that such traditions are practiced (or of the mind that you should practice them on your own), this likely meant the consumption of large amounts of chocolate. And it’s not a bad tradition.

Chocolate is delicious. As a friend of the Clog recently noted, “I have been let down more often by women than I have by chocolate.”

But it’s not all sunshine and heart-shaped packaging, oh no. It seems chocolate has a “dark side” and some folks in Interdisciplinary Human Rights Minor feel it appropriate to remind you of that. They’re screening a film entitled “The Dark Side of Chocolate” in 300 Wheeler on Wednesday from 6:30-8:30p.m.

We like to think that there are some things that there is simply nothing bad to be said about, and we wish chocolate was one of those things … but knowledge is power, right?

Image Source: euromagic under Creative Commons
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