UC Berkeley campus can be beautiful; most of us students are just more often than not rushing to class, stressed and frazzled. How many times have we dismissed the vastly growing plants, and the slow, gentle trickle of water? This dismissal attitude cannot possibly be attributed entirely to classes, for how many of us are actually that eager to attend class? Perhaps the reason we don’t frequent this blessed land called Strawberry Creek, is because our environmental instincts are screaming to us that this bank is damaged and unhealthy, in other words, not worth our time.

Fear not, for soon (otherwise known as years from now,) the aliens (foreign, non-native plants) that invaded Strawberry Creek, and threatened its health and beauty will be eliminated through the Strawberry Creek Restoration Project, which is made possible by student volunteers and the Green Initiative Fund. Evidence indicates that volunteers of this project are refocusing long term efforts to rid the creek of its pollution that we humans have contributed to and instead prioritizing attacking these treacherous aliens.

OK, school does suck most of the time for most of us, but with the revival of this historic and magnificent creek, students and non-students alike can take a break from the suckyness of it all and spend a warm, sunny Tuesday afternoon by the lake on the campus we all love so very much.

Image Source: Nathan Yan, Daily Cal
Strawberry Creek Restoration Project Fights For Native Plants [Daily Cal]

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